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What is this?

In May 2022, Zapper began the process of exposing all of the app / protocol integrations we had done internally over the prior 2 years. Why?

  • The Web3 ecosystem is growing faster than we can keep up, particularly the long-tail of smaller apps. We were turning into a bottleneck.
  • Developers of Web3 applications are much more knowledgeable about their own apps, and were offering to integrate their apps on our behalf.
  • Our community at is full of developers who want to contribute to the Zapper experience!

To that end, we bootstrapped a repository on GitHub for integrating third party applications into Zapper, and began allowing the community to submit a pull request to add an integration.

If you want to integrate your app / protocol, you're in the right place!


The basic flow of getting your app listed on Zapper is the follow steps:

  1. Fork the Studio repo to your personal namespace.
  2. Write your integration, using Zapper's provided SDK and the guides in this documentation.
  3. Make a Pull Request with your changes from the fork to the original repository.
  4. Wait for someone from the Zapper team to review, merge, and release your changes.

For more details on our contributing, review, and release process, visit our guidelines here.


Before getting started, you should have basic knowledge of the following developer tooling: